About us

Bunnycave Studios is a video game design company that creates the BEST GAMES EVER to help students learn essential subjects while having fun.

Our first game is Math for Honor, the Fighting Game Standard for Math Education.  Math for Honor is the Video Game Fighting Standard for Math Education, intended to help K-12 students learn math in a fun way.

As a high school student, I understand that many of my colleagues have trouble in classes just because they don’t have enough hands on practice in the subjects.  I made Math for Honor to make it fun to practice and enhance your math skills.  (By the way, many adults I know have said they have learned using Math For Honor as well, to keep their math skills sharp.)

We are a VERY EARLY stage company with a vision to release more educational games in the future, as well as more games in general.  Stay tuned here for news about our Crowd-Sourcing effort.  We need skilled professionals like artists, web and video game developers, and professionals cost money.

If you would like to contact me for any reason, send me an email at: Dante@bunnycave.com.  If you are interested in joining our team, send me your resume and interest.



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